Underground Farmers Market

Shhhhh, can you keep a secret?

No? Well, no, neither can we actually!

And why would we keep something like this to ourselves when everyone should have the chance to experience such a fantastic day out.

On Sunday Ms Marmite Lover opened up her entire beautiful Kilburn home to a surprisingly large number of stallholders and around 250 visitors to her Underground Farmers and Craft Market, an event in the same vein as supperclubs but on a larger scale. The idea behind this was to charge visitors just £5 entrance, enabling the stallholders to sell there free, to showcase their talent, network and test the market for their products and indeed their own supperclubs and teaparties. The event was incredibly well organised, starting at 12 and going on until 7pm, there was a bonfire, live music from the Spanner Jazz Punks, live demonstrations in the kitchen and wonderful goods for sale in every nook and cranny!

We bought our tickets in advance and waited to be emailed the address then travelled across London on Sunday to the secret location. On arrival, we were ticked off the entrance list and offered free roam of the house. We started off in the bedroom at the beginning of our fascinating journey, marvelling at the gorgeous cake stands displayed on the bed, gluton free cakes by the bookcase and cocktails served from an ironing board by the wardrobe. Then squeezing our way out along the hallway we found ourselves in the main living room, this had been emptied and decked out with tables along both sides, now heaving with all manner of sumptuous and tempting fare. We started at the Deli Station, naturally accepting a glass of wine and sampling some delicious and unnusual Italian cheeses, moving on we tasted the most incredible almond pesto courtesy of The Other Side Magazine & couldn’t resist buying a small jar – a good job as they had sold out by the end of the day. We met the lovely ladies from Underground Tea Party selling unnusual bakes & put our names down for their mailing list, tempted by the sound of their vampire themed party coming up. 

Stepping out onto the balcony we met the delightful Ms Marmite Lover herself with her mexican themed stall and Inspiral Cafe with her raw, vegan chocolate. At this point E5 Bakehouse burst out of the kitchen with a freshly baked loaf of spelt sourdough bread which he’d been demonstarting how to make, and starting cutting steaming morsels for us to taste – amazing! We carefully made our way down the narrow spiral staircase down to the patio and found more delights in the form of wine, chutneys & sauces, homemade halloumi from Handyface, and a gorgeous display of breads and cakes from Make and Bake Productions. Moving further into the garden we found supper clubs displaying and selling their wears, more delicious looking cakes & some fantastic spicy apply chutney from Handtomouth kithchen (although we were rather disapointed to discover we’d missed out on the wonderful sounding lavender vodka). We tasted some delicious rose & cardomon lassi from Made with Joy & watched John the Poacher bar-b-que crayfish on the bonfire.

Finally reaching the end of the garden we entered the shed to discover beautiful jewellery, handmade cards and the lovely girls from Rambling Restaurants creating some gorgeous little snacks and toasties. With no willpower left we finally succumbed to a homemade brioche topped with Cointreau mascarpone & fresh figs and sat on the nearest free step to enjoy our treat, drink what was left of our wine and watch on as everyone revelled the afternoon away.

Rumour has it Ms Marmite Lover is planning a similar event shortly before Christmas – we do hope so!!

Assorted crockery displayed on the bed from Bristol Vintage

Cocktails served from the ironing board

The Deli Station

Amazing cheeses from The Deli Station


HandyFace demonstrating how to make cheese in the kitchen

The Rambling Restaurants table of treats

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